TechnoSofts Founder & CEO Muhammad Umar Javid. News is. He invited by his university. To become an honorable guest for an Event University of Kotli Science and Technology (Faculty of Management Sciences). His University knows he is a young Entrepreneur. who started an IT company TechnoSofts the software development house. On 20 Nov 2017 in Sialkot Pakistan. And want to lead his country ahead in the IT field.

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News is.University wants Muhammad Umar to tell graduated students about his Company what services they are providing and how he starts all that. Muhammad Umer vision and thoughts are crystal clear that’s why many students get inspired by him and that’s why university Management Organizers offers Muhammad Umer to do the workshop in University whenever he wants and university event organizers organize the event for them . When you have a clear vision, you can inspire many people that’s what Muhammad Umer did in this visit he inspired a lot of professors Directors, Dean, and students.



CEO Muhammad Umer also offers many students a chance to do an internship in his Software house, and after some guidance and training, this internship leads to a job.



CEO Muhammad Umar Javaid thankful voice chancellor of University Prof. Dr. Syed Dilnawaz Ahmed Gardezi. Dean of Faculty Computing and Engineering Dr. Prof.Dr Mustaq A Sajid. Chairman of Department of Software Engineering Dr. Shujat Ali Rathore. Senior Professor of Department of Software Engineering Zaheed Ahmed and many others for the great hospitality. You can see happy moments caught by the camera in below pictures.


Technosofts is a software house in Sialkot Pakistan and built-in 2011 and still giving a tough time to other software houses by giving quality and satisfaction to the clients TechnoSofts also linked with other countries Dubai, Germany, KSA, and Kuwait. We offer diverse sorts of IT related Solutions including Web Design and Development, Web Application Development, Search Engine Optimization, Mobile Application Development, Software Development, and Social Media Marketing


Techno training program started by Technosofts software development house in Sialkot Pakistan by one the best software house to give it related Skills.


 Muhammad Umer started a program Techno training Short courses of Graphics Designing, Software Development, Web Design and Development, Mobile Applications Development, Digital Marketing, freelancing, SEO/SMM, eBay/Amazon, E-Commerce Web Development. Techno training gave you skills which help you get some extra cash at home. So guys tell about this news short courses to your friends it is the best opportunity


Web Development Training. I direct our new fangled approach to Development creating and building deep love for your website. Your website must look good to sell your business. Mobile App Development Training: We excited for your contributions in continuing because our mission to make it fast, easy, and fun to build great mobile apps that emphasize innovative design. Develop any type of mobile application. Graphic Designing Course: We develop an engaging design strategy that will turn your brand on. A graphic design becomes more visible and prevalent in our lives and culture. SEO Optimization. TechnoSofts caters to clients who require an intensive, full-service approach to search engine marketing our goal is to get our clients more visitors and higher conversion of sales. Social Media Marketing Training: Email marketing is the act of sending a commercial message. 

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