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Social Media Specialist Services

Social Media Specialist is the one who create unique content and post them on all social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn etc. Social media specialist is responsible for handling and administering content on social media platforms. He/she is also responsible for managing site metrics, boost posts, read and reply to comments on the posts and supervise creative design.

What does a social media specialist do exactly and what are his/her responsibilities?

  • Analyze and understands the targeted audience for each social media platform

The social media specialist create content as per interests of projected audience and unique to the typical interactions of every channel. Following are some responsibilities of a social media manager.

  • Have knowledge of consumer analysis

Social media manager first observe social media metrics and by using this information he keep tracks that whether his/her posts are achieving actual goal or not.

  • Make strategies

A social media specialist creates plan and make strategies first to promote a business. For example if you are going to held a session on Facebook, first thing you have to is you have to let your audience know about it and in order to do it you have to create an event for that session.

Another example we can take is that if you are looking to build awareness among young customers, you may build an influencer program on Instagram/Facebook.

  • Engage customers

After making plans and strategies, social media specialist create attractive content according to intended audience and post on different social media platforms for optimization and engaging customers. As every social media platforms has different type of algorithms, so for optimization of posts on different channels, social media specialist have to keep track of every channel and ensure that posts are scheduled regularly and at optimal days and times on different channels.

  • Measure results of posts on every channel

Social media specialist have to measure results by keeping track of metrics and insights on every social media channel. Now there are various tools to observe and tracking whether which channel is most effective and what kind of content do the most engagement. With such information, social media specialist create better content and optimize posts more effectively with high-performance posts.

  • Also responsible for paid strategies

Social media specialist manage paid social media strategies, and will need to adept at using tools for example Facebook ad manager, and other paid social media channel such as LinkedIn and Quora.

Role of a Social Media Specialist

A social media handler interact with users and perform virtual communication through the business’s social media platforms to build brands. These steps in return generate revenue and sales.

Social media specialist plays different role to generate sales and increase business. Social media specialist may act a social media planner & strategist, creative director, copy writer, customer service provider and data analyst from different social media channels.

A social media specialist build relationships with social media community. A social media specialist have to focus on logistics for providing relevant and attractive content on different channels such as managing content calendars, writing copy and scheduling posts etc.

Generally a social media specialist’s responsibility is to excite people about a specific brand or product before its launch by creating engaging content and sharing them on social media channels. They basically create hype of the brand even before its launch that increase traffic and in return generate sales after launch. Social media specialist create presence of a company in the society by sharing attractive content about the company on social media platforms.

Are Social Media Strategist and Social Media Specialist same?

No, there is difference between social media strategist and social media specialist.

Social media specialist focus on day to day operations that social media strategist, though they can also assist with social media strategies as well.

Social media specialist’s main responsibility is concerned with implementation. They write social copies, effectives content, create posts and interact with users through comments, and always focus on what’s trending these days. They also keep an eye on key influencers and have valuable contacts with key influencers in the industry to promote their brand massage.

Social media specialist are responsible for managing and analyzing social media key performances and they also focus on ROI. Social media specialist also create contact and promote brand by usually scheduling posts with the help of editorial calendar.

Social media specialists also make strategies as they are a part of their role as well, but social media strategist makes it a top priority.

Generally speaking, they plan and develop a Company’s strategy around marketing, advertising and finding new leads. They also perform audits to evaluate that how much their strategy is effective for the company.

So there is not much difference between social media strategist and social media specialists, but you can say priority of their roles matter.

Tools for Social Media Specialist

There are many tools that helps social media in everything. From planning strategies to automatically providing old content, creating social media images, analyzing performance and many other functionalities are available in these tools.

One of the biggest responsibilities is scheduling social media content. There is a long list of such tools but some of them which are more popular are listed below.

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Sprout social
  • Agora pulse
  • Sendible
  • FB Creator Studio
  • Later

These platforms are more popular these days as they provide analytics and statistics of the performance. Hootsuite is a tool that specifically provides social listening tools so that you can hear you customer’s online conversations about brand and conversations.

There are also many tools who provide digital marketing suit of features. For example SEMrush is a tool that offer multiple marketing tools, and also provide social tracking and scheduling platforms.

A similar tool is webCEO, it is a cloud based next-generation internet marketing tool which provides different powerful tools for keyword search, SEO audits, social media management, paid search management, competitor search and many more.

What skills need to start his/her career?

The main and most important skills you need to have before start career as social media specialist is writing ability, strong ability for visuals and skill of community managements.

Content and social media marketing are important in building an image for a brand thus they are crucial part of this career. Behind a company’s image social media specialists are the main voice. Much of the social media specialist’s job is about telling a story for brand and attracting customers in this way.

If you have a strong ability of storytelling then you are an ideal candidate for this career.

In social media only story telling is not everything, you need to have a strong visual as well. Along with story telling you have to create an aesthetic presentation across platforms. So a good eye and an eye catching creating content is must in career of social media.

Another skill for social media specialist is to engage and communicate with community effectively. But it is not that easy to make a customer respond to you. You have to understand your intended audience, their mind set by reading comments, posts, their concerns and queries. After analyzing what you audience has in their mind, you have to create content exactly according to their taste so that they start taking interest in you and your brand.

Some other skills for starting your career as social media specialists are analyzing statistics, understanding KPIs, performing audits, awareness about society and understanding of SEO.

Is a good career?

Social media specialist is a pretty good career. But like any other job, it’s not for just everyone.

If you like to sharing content and growing social media community then it is a great place for you.  There are always new experiments to run and to learn new things about social media, mastering new algorithms and making new trends to promote your brand/business.

Before starting this career, keep in mind its responsibilities as you have to give a lot of time to different social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter & LinkedIn etc. But if you are naturally into this social media things this is the ideal position for you and it’ll sound a fun job for you.

As a social media specialist, you’ll a lot of chances of growth and making valuable connections in marketing industry. A social media specialist makes an average of $40,000 and can also make as much as $55,000 and more than that. It all depends upon your interest and dedication.

Once you have transitioned yourself into managerial position or your mastered communication skills, you can make an average of $63,000 to $90,000. There are also chances that salary increases as you continue moving up in your career and learning more skills.

Do you need a degree to start career?

No, you really don’t need a degree to get into this career. Mostly people who have such interest, complete their college and do some diplomas or courses in marketing and then start practicing. In this way they pursue their career in the field of social media. But having a degree related to marketing is obviously a plus point.

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